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Golf club partnership has recycling down to a tee

Blairgowrie Golf Club drives forward its green credentials in a partnership deal with Binn Group.

Author: Binn Group/30 May 2016/Categories: Business

Blairgowrie Golf Club managing secretary Dougie Cleeton (centre, left) and Jim Brown, commercial manager with Binn Group, show off the new course litter bins with administration staff Dawn Tinker and Marie Robertson.Blairgowrie Golf Club is driving forward its green credentials in the latest partnership deal with waste management leaders Binn Group.

The Glenfarg-based waste management and recycling company has provided new litter bins for the prestigious Lansdowne course at the Championship club - supplementing those previously supplied by the company for the neighbouring Rosemount course.

The high quality eco-friendly recycled plastic bins have been sited at the tees on the popular course and will provide year-round collection points for golfers’ litter.

Blairgowrie Golf Club managing secretary Dougie Cleeton said the whole club was “delighted” with the latest partnership support from Binn Group and said that it would strengthen the club’s aspirations to be as environmentally friendly as possible and promote the value of recycling.

“We’re delighted to work in partnership with one of the best waste management companies in the business to secure this course-enhancing addition to our facilities,” he said. 

“Binn Group has been efficient and diligent in the waste management service for the club as well as impressive in their commitment to the community through their charity giving,” added Mr Cleeton. “We’re proud to be involved in a partnership with a company of their standing.”

The partnership sees Binn Group secure a golf day at Blairgowrie and this was last used to raise an impressive £18,000 for Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance.

Jim Brown, commercial manager with Binn Group, said the environmental aspect of golf course management has never been more important - especially for a prestigious club such as Blairgowrie.

“Making it easy for member golfers and visitors alike to recycle is a big part of that and Binn Group is more than happy to support the club’s move to tee up improved facilities. 

“We’re more than happy to sponsor the litter bins for the Lansdowne course and ensure that golfers can play their part in recycling and keeping what is a beautiful course free from litter,” he said.

“The new bins we have provided have been well received and Binn Group look forward to working closely with the team at Blairgowrie as we take the partnership forward.”

*Image Caption: Blairgowrie Golf Club managing secretary Dougie Cleeton (centre, left) and Jim Brown, commercial manager with Binn Group, show off the new course litter bins with administration staff Dawn Tinker and Marie Robertson.


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