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The law regarding waste for EVERY business in Scotland changed on January 1, 2014. Are you compliant? As a business you will be required by law to take all reasonable steps as possible to maximise the recycling potential of your waste.


The new laws affect EVERY single business in the country so YOU are not exempt. But companies too busy or confused to prepare for the changes can work hand-in-hand with one of the country’s leading waste management experts to meet the deadline. The experts at Binn Group are ready to provide a straightforward solution for all your waste management requirements and legal responsibilities.


Binn Group has the licences and insurances that you would expect for a major waste management business. See below for Binn Group Policies, Licences & Insurances and Certification

Licences, Certificates, Insurances and Policies

Waste Carrier Licence

Binn Group Waste Carrier Licence

Waste Management Licence

Binn Group Waste Management Licence

Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence

Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence

Metal Dealer's Licence

Binn Group Metal Dealers Licence

BMRA Membership Certificate

Binn Group BMRA Membership Certificate

Certificate of Registration ISO 9001

Certificate of Registration ISO 14001

CHAS Certificate of Accreditation

Binn Group CHAS Certificate of Accreditation

Insurance Policy

Binn Group Insurance Policy

Motor Vehicle Insurance

Binn Group Motor Vehicle Insurance

General Policy

Binn Group General Policy

Quality Policy

Binn Group Quality Policy

Environmental Policy

Binn Group Environmental Policy

Legislation & Licensing FAQ's

So what are you as a business expected to do?

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 were implemented on January 1, 2014 and that means your business - be it a sandwich bar or a five-star hotel, a car wash or a vast factory complex - MUST comply with the following:

  • Your business must present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card SEPARATELY for collection from January 1, 2014
  • All businesses producing over 50kg of food waste per week MUST present it for separate collection from January 1, 2014 (albeit there is a caveat within the waste regulations that allow certain food businesses within defined rural postal area exemption).
  • All businesses producing over 5kg of food waste per week will be required to follow these same legal guidelines two years later on January 1, 2016
  • Where food collections are available it will be illegal to dispose of food waste into the public sewer system - ie. via a macerator  

How can Binn Group help?

As your waste contractor, Binn Group is also affected by the new legislation to ensure we deliver the best possible recycling service.

With the need to separate all waste at source, this may mean changes to your regular uplift service and the way in which your waste is presented for collection.

Our highly experienced team can make the changes seamless for your business and ensure that your company is legally compliant with the minimum of fuss and effort on your part. Binn Group has been handling and processing waste materials from clients right across Perthshire, Angus, Dundee, Fife and beyond for many years. Our expertise in waste separation and collection methods will help your company comply with the new laws.

A total waste management solution for your company is just a phone call away.

Call one of our expert sales executives now to discuss options on 01577 830833.

Why do we need yet more legislation?

Scotland currently spends over £100 million each year throwing away materials that would be worth over £100 million if they were recycled.

Food and biodegradable material sent to Landfill sites gives off methane - a potential greenhouse gas. Diverting this material from Landfill will reduce emissions equivalent to taking 166,000 cars off Scotland’s roads.

Processing food waste through modern treatment plants has the potential to generate enough energy to power a city the size of Inverness and supply 10% of Scotland’s fertiliser needs.

Escalating Landfill Tax means it is more important now than ever to be looking at recycling your waste in a legal and environmentally sustainable manner.

And if my company doesn’t comply?

We may have no option but to refuse to collect your waste if it is not properly separated and presented for uplift. We have a duty by law not to uplift non-compliant waste or run the risk of breaking the law ourselves.

Your company will also run the risk of a substantial fine by failing to comply if you do not take all reasonable steps to recycle the waste you produce.

Local authorities and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency are empowered to deal with companies that flout the new Waste Regulations.

A total waste management solution for your company is just a phone call away.

Call Binn Group now on 01577 830833.

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Binn Group prides itself in offering an extensive range of services which focus on recycling, reuse, waste minimisation, landfill diversion, value for money and improving our environment.

We are experienced in advising customers on the most affordable and best way to manage waste and are fully compliant with the highest regulation standards.

Waste is now a commodity and Binn Group can help businesses and private individuals realise the full potential of their refuse, keeping the country clean and the client compliant.

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